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Praying each Thursday, we ask you to link in unite prayer at 2pm (EST).

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Starting 2016 in His Presence. . .

We look back to look forward!      

                                                        STOP - LOOK - LISTEN


Being diligent to STOP. . .

Back last Summer a group of global prayer leaders pulled away to gather together to see what the Father was doing and saying around the world. Out of that time a wonderful prayer initiative, 11:55 UNITE in PRAYER was launched.


    YOU ARE INVITED to join Christians around the Globe to

    Unite in Prayer at 11:55am  every day for five minutes.
    STOP what you are doing,
   FOCUS on the Lord,
   LISTEN to what He is saying to you,
   FINISH with the Lord’s Prayer at 12 noon

Pray Specifically, with Urgency, Expecting Results


Whether you are an individual or represent a Network, Church, Ministry/Organization, House of Prayer/Prayer Watch or Small Group you are encouraged to join us in this united effort.

To Participate & see those participating: 


For the ION connection and to join in this global prayer initiative read more at:


Intentionally LOOKING aside. . .

Remember back to the story of the burning bush and Moses found in Exodus, chapter 3. Moses had been taking time (actually 40 days), but was not in the practice of paying attention. Not paying attention can be translated to not to really LOOKING. He had not learned the discipline of "creating space" for God's Presence to be with him on a moment to moment basis. Until that day when he noticed His Presence. He had not prepared himself to be ready to receive. He was not aware of the noise around himself. He had to settle down long enough to be in the habit of "looking aside". He was intent on his doing rather than on his being before God. "When the Lord saw that Moses had turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush."

Exodus 3




The practice of turning aside to look is a spiritual discipline, which by its very nature sets us up for an encounter with God.

This year in 2016 as we pray alongside the International Orality Network, we want to be intentional to ask God for the more!


In that we must learn to:

1. CREATE SPACE - for God & for others who need to be alongside us, in front of us & behind us. Notice who is here & who is not. Praying for the Every and All to come in. In the prophetic, creating space in the prayer place, for the Every and All of Rev. 5:9 and 7:9.

2. EXERCISE GREAT DISCRETION IN HOW OUR TIME IS SPENT - hit the Refresh, choosing wisely this year. Let us ask the Father to do a deeper work in us such as: Allowing for sufficient time for God and for prayer daily. Being willing to allow for unhindered times for the purpose of seeing the "above and beyond of God" as is described in the PRAYER for SPIRITUAL STRENGTH in Ephesian 3:14-21 to become our reality. Let us begin anew the lifestyle of putting aside every distraction, as in Romans 12:1-2, and run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking only to Jesus. Seeing progress in learning to depend fully on trusting Him in everything.

3. LEARN TO PAY MORE ATTENTION - incorporating more of the Word into our daily lives. As a group connected to ION, we would ask for the more of the oral Spoken Word to be poured in daily to ourselves and into the atmosphere. Stay the course so to speak of washing in the Word daily through Scripture Engagement in listening to the Bible audibly. Remembering the 1,778 people groups who still do not have ONE VERSE of Scripture in their own heart language. Praying for more translation projects to be done, specifically in an oral format.

Second stack of bibles

Reminding ourselves and advocating for the Bible-less. . .

How many Bibles do we have access to?

And praying daily for those who have limited to no access to Scripture in their own heart language.


4. DISCIPLINING OURSELVES TO BE IN THE LISTENING MODE - Rather than staying in Chrono's time, move to Kairos time. . . Chrono's is the time of clock and calendar - Using the lens of Kairos time as a gift, an opportunity, a season. In Kairos time you ask not 'What time is it?', but 'What is this time for?'" And being ever aware of the basic question of "What does the King want?"

Learning to LISTEN this year. . .

For the past two years we have seen some shifts at ION. We have had intentional and strategic extended times for listening and listening exercises in the area of prayer. You might have noticed the acceleration of the activity within the network. Or you might be of the thought process of thinking "What IS happening with ION?" Depending on what your focus is or has been with ION. There has been a lot going on, we find ourselves as a network in a different place going into the coming year. Answers to our prayers last Spring during our 50 days Prayer Initiative have been pouring out! We want to encourage you to keep on praying! Keep on dreaming with the Holy Spirit! Do not grow weary in well doing!

Pray with us for the new refresh of the ION Website on January 18th. . . ION will push the REFRESH and launch a new, fresh look through our ION Website. Pray with us as we watch and pray for all that God is doing and is continuing to do it!

Theological Consultations OralityFramedCONTENT Orality Journal






Take some time to listen and pray thru the audio and video clips from the past Theological Consultations. The work within the scope of influencing the Body of Christ to make disciples among all oral learners in the sphere of academic circles has been phenomenal. As you have time, do the same with the Orality-Framed CONTENT piece posted. This year we continue to offer the twice yearly Orality Journals that have been following a different theme each issue. They bring the activity of orality right to your computer.

Those of us in prayer have seen spectacular forward movement in bringing the "Orality Component" into new and different areas. New partnerships and working relationships being rekindled in orality touching the different orality spheres. One in particular is the ION Prayer priority of remembering the Persecuted. For the past two years we have held the 3rd Thursday as a priority in prayer for the Persecuted Church. We are very appreciative for your participation. We have seen prayer groups within ION and outside catch the reality of intentional and strategic prayer for the Persecuted Church. 10/40 Window people groups are in need of Jesus. They include the majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The greatest numbers of unreached around the globe reside there as well as the greatest numbers of those who are Oral People Groups. In addition the largest numbers in the Persecuted Church. So the three go hand in hand.

24 HOUR PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL EVENT Friday, Jan. 29-Saturday, Jan. 30  We are very grateful to be an advocate for the Persecuted Church. 
  ION serves and participates as a global stakeholder for the yearly IDOP Grassroots Prayer Call the 1st two Sundays in Nov.
  We invite you to reach out and participate with Persecution Watch as they will shift into high gear this year.
  Persecution Watch plans to hold a special call every month that has a 5th Friday in 2016.
  The dates will be: Jan. 29-30th, April 29th-30th, July 29th-30th, Sept. 30th-Oct.1st, and Dec. 30-31st.  
  Setting aside the 5th Friday Sabbath days in 2016 for the purpose of prayer for the Persecuted Church. 
 We want to encourage you to mark your PRAYER CALENDARS for those dates. 
 As the Persecution Watch will hold a Global Prayer Call for 24 hours [9pm-9pm EST]. 
 Would you plan now to set aside some time for these 24 hours prayer calls?
 Let's step in with these teams from around the globe to pray and hear stories
 from the field as to God's movement among the Persecuted Church.   
For more info see the previous post here for a re-blog from @4Persecuted:


Fellowship of Prayer Strategist

One last item to take note of as we listen in 2016: Is God speaking to you and/or your organization about bringing in a Prayer Strategist or if you would like more info, please contact us at: [email protected] We can walk you through the questions. Help you to find resources in using prayer as a strategy and implementing a prayer strategist. 

To see more on the Fellowship of Prayer Strategist visit which is your portal to find resources by prayer strategy and connect with others along the way. Email [email protected] for information and links to join and connect with this global group.


Pursuing God for Spiritual Awakening and Global Harvest.

Think about this. . .

How many Bibles do you have in your possession? Did you know that currently there are 1800+ languages that do not have ONE VERSE OF SCRIPTURE in their heart language! How can that be?!! Most of us reading this have the ENTIRE BIBLE ALL 66 BOOKS available as well as in different versions. Anytime we choose to, we are able to open our Bibles and take God’s Word into our hearts. Sadly that is not the case, around the globe.


Audio in other languages

Simply we are calling the intercessors and pray-ers to be intentional to begin to step into Scripture engagement in the form of listening to the Word of God daily. Thinking about how hard it must be to be without the Scriptures. Praying for more Bible translations projects to be started to fill the gaps in full Bibles, New Testament portions, Oral Scriptures/Oral Story Sets/Recordings, etc. and in small portions for the EVERY & ALL who still wait to hear. . . really hear in a way they can respond and receive the good news of God’s salvation through the gift of Christ Jesus.

One way to get started

1. GO to bible-in-90-days 


2. Sign up

3. Click Start Plan

4. Pick your preference of Bible version

5. Be sure to use the AUDIO ‘listening mode’

6. Set up a reminder to come into your email

7. Then Use it daily (Don’t stop if you get behind, the point is to give it a try!) Follow the plan “Bible in 90 Days” in the AUDIO ‘listening mode’. . . 


We are very grateful for all our prayer warriors.

  UUPG Prayer Adoption.ppt

  Lord, teach us to pray:

  Praying for the unreached (UPG) & unengaged (UUPG) and Oral   Bible-less

  Here is a link to the ION Prayer Power Point Presentation (ppt)

  -you are welcome to use it  to share about the need for prayer for oral peoples, uupgs, upgs & Bible-less oral peoples​:



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