Why is it that I’m surprised at orality realities and the International Orality Network itself? It’s not like I personally felt that only (or primarily) by... more..

Oral learning has changed the way their ministries are conducted. I know the congregants are now receiving at least 70% of their spiritual nourishment.

About 'Orality Breakouts' book published by ION. -- This is a great book that I believe can be a momentum builder for the Orality Movement.

Reaching Oral Learners’ launched a movement by focusing the centrality of orality to the completion of the Great Commission.

For hundreds of years, literate Christians held the purse strings of communication and made decisions on how to wrap and deliver Scripture based on their... more..

The world is being captured by the use and power of storytelling. Every church, organization, and mission must equip itself to reach and disciple the... more..

I have had the privilege of watching ION grow from infancy to its current significant role in world missions. During those years I have become grateful for... more..

We are engaging one of the great new frontiers of Mission--70% of the world's population is oral preference learners.  These are people who can't, won't or... more..