21 Days of Prayer for Global Harvest

Praying specifically for 387 UUPGs and Spiritual Awakening & Renewal of the church around the globe.

ION is happy to serve as a global stakeholder in this annual prayer initiative run thru Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2)

Today is the 40 Day Mark to the gathering in St. Louis for the 2013 ION Conference.

Pray with us!

40-Days of Prayer     "New Link"

40 Days of Prayer Top 40 Unreached

Today is the 100 day mark to the "21 Days of Prayer for Global Harvest" by SVM2. 

The prayer time will be held from Sept. 29th - October 19th, 2013

ION serves as a global stakeholder with this prayer initiative.

Join in the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World, an International Movement of Intercession.

Celebrating 20 Years of Prayer 1993 - 2013

Praying for Simply the Story & God's Story Project

Incredibly 80% of the world,
cannot or does not prefer to learn from reading.


Join in praying for the many workshops that are offered by LWI, lead trainer Jerry Wiles.

An Introduction to Contextual Bible Storying

Orality Training Workshop

Discover why leaders today are saying that the Orality Movement is transformational in church history and one of the most significant developments in Kingdom advance in the past 500 years.

KidStory Training - CONGO

See more info at:

Equador - 6 week training - Tudoring/Food/Village Relief