Global Executive Team

David Swarr

Executive Director

Dr. Swarr serves as Executive Director of International Orality Network and is President and CEO of 4.2.20 Foundation. He previously served on the leadership team of ION and  stewarded the Audio Scripture Engagement portfolio. The global declaration of “Making disciples of the world’s oral learners through audio Scripture engagement” was a result of his collaborative effort with many organizations.

David was also a founder, President and CEO of Davar Partners International, an audio Scripture engagement organization with over 600 partner organizations in 90 nations.

David grew up in the Middle East and has lived and worked on five continents. He has a rich background in cross cultural leadership including senior positions in multinational companies, NGO’s, and a university, and holds a PhD in intercultural organizational leadership. Currently David and his wife Sharon split their time between Israel and the USA. They have two daughters. 

Graydon Colville

Senior Associate, Audio Scripture Engagement

After twelve years as the National Director of GRN Australia, Graydon was appointed International Director for GRN in April 2012. In this role he provides strategic leadership for GRN, represents GRN at an international level and provides leadership for the International Council, Executive Committee and International Team - those who have international roles. He also oversees member care. When in Australia, Graydon is heavily involved with his local church and serves on the Boards of Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia and SIL Australia.

Rev. Dr. Romerlito Macalinao

Regional Director, Philippines

Romer is the Executive Director of Wycliffe Philippines and the Founding Director and Dean of the orality-focused Language and Culture Institute that equips langua-culture-based church planters.  He is an ordained minister and had pastoral experience for about three decades in the Philippines and in the USA.  His commitment to the Lord of the harvest had brought him to a variety of significant ministry involvement as a radio broadcast Bible teacher, professor and director in both formal and non-formal theological training, church, mission and education leadership. He is passionate about mobilizing the global Filipino church, the Filipinos in diaspora, as well as partners of like mind, to reach out to the remaining Bibleless and unreached people groups of the world.  He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Asia Graduate School of Theology and the Global Executive Team of ION. He and his wife, Kaye, live in Quezon City with their three children.

Dr. Charles Madinger

Senior Associate, Special Projects and Integral Mission

Chuck invested more than 30 years in discipleship and global evangelism. Following his leadership as a missions pastor, he helped launch Voice for Humanity and T4 Global with programs in 15 countries, and then founded Global Impact Missions to help others build organizational capacity for orality-framed strategies. His contributions to the field of orality can be seen in his latest work, "Coming to Terms with Orality: A Holistic Model." His research continues at the University of Kentucky where he is currently working on a Ph.D. in communication.

Bramuel Musya

Regional Director, East Africa

Simply said, I’m a “tent-making” missionary. Which means I get to serve in Christian Missions across Africa and at times around the World. But I also get to use my media skills to generate supplementary financial resources for our ministry through our media company - Press On Productions Kenya Ltd. I believe that teamwork is success in motion and therefore ministry networking is a key component of what I do.

Hector Tamez

Regional Director, Latin America

Hector Tamez II is the founder and President of International Leadership Advancement Ministries (ILAM), a ministry that seeks to radically transform how traditional oral cultures are evangelized and discipled. Hector has been serving in ministry for over 25 years and has a passionate heart for seeing spiritual movements started in all remaining UUPG's (Unengaged, Unreached People Groups).  In the year 2000, Hector began to target traditional oral preference learners who make up 73% of the world’s population. Through live training events and digital media resources, Hector and his team seek to mobilize the church to reach UUPG's with the gospel and see those reached, equipped for effective ministry in their own language and culture. Hector and his wife Rebeca have three daughters and currently reside in Puebla, Mexico.

Jerry Wiles

Senior Associate, Training

Jerry Wiles, President Emeritus of Living Water International, became involved with Orality in 1983 through the influence of Herbert Klem’s book, Oral Communication of the Scripture. He has more than 35 years of experience in ministry and international mission work and currently serves on the ION Advisory Council and stewards the Training Portfolio.  He is an author and radio program producer and has been a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows and traveled extensively as a public speaker. Jerry is an Air Force veteran, a former pastor and university administrator. He and his wife, Sheila, have two grown children and six grandchildren.