Associates, Advisors & Liaisons

Samuel Chiang

Senior Associate, Strategy

Samuel was born in Taiwan, grew up and worked in Canada (Ernst & Young), and graduated from Dallas Seminary where he also served on staff. He served with the church in China and has written extensively on China. He has also authored book chapters in diverse genres including innovation, orality, and persecution. Samuel serves as president and chief executive officer of Seed Company, a member of the Wycliffe family of organizations.

Formerly the executive director of the International Orality Network, Samuel is currently the Senior Associate- Orality for Lausanne, where he also serves on the Strategy Working Group. He and his wife, Robbi, have three adult children. Recently they have moved from Hong Kong to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Linda Bemis

Senior Associate, Prayer

Linda passionately seeks to encourage others to not only put prayer first, but to model the priority of prayer as a foundational aspect of ministry. She is an experienced trainer and facilitator in prayer as well as prayer mobilization. Leading out with a passion for prayer and a strong love for evangelism. Challenging those in ministry to fully engage and utilize the untapped "resource of prayer and intercessors" in their organizations, agencies and churches. 

Rick Brekelbaum

Senior Executive Advisor

After 32 years with Exxon in their international financial arena, Rick has been active in missions, serving on the board of directors for two ministries and providing leadership and support with Campus Crusade for Christ. Currently Rick serves as US Coordinator for ION, is on the Board for the local affiliate of National Christian Foundation, and Treasurer for Pure Charity. Rick and his wife, Jayne are certified life coaches and have ministered in various countries, particularly Latin America. Rick is fluent in Spanish and has traveled to 54 countries.

Joseph Handley

Senior Advisor, Leadership

Joe was born and raised in Southern California. He attended Azusa Pacific University where he earned a B.A. in psychology. Joe spent nine years working at Azusa Pacific University where he founded and directed the Office of World Missions and directed one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses, Conquest ‘96. During his time at APU, Joe earned a Masters’ Degrees in Theology. The Lord called him to Rolling Hills Covenant Church in 1998 where Joe served as the Global (and Lead) Outreach Pastor. While there Joe helped the church shift toward a stronger emphasis on global partnership through empowering indigenous leaders. In June of 2008, Joe answered the call of God to become the president of Asian Access.

Paul Konstanski

Senior Advisor, Communicatons & Events

Paul's work as a Project Specialist with Campus Crusade for Christ has given him a wide-spread exposure to a variety of approaches in ministry in many different settings. These experiences, combined with his unique blend of administrative skills and creativity have often helped him lead people to think "outside the box" yet in a way that is tied to practical application and getting things done. 

Gary Strudler

Senior Associate, Children & Youth

After serving for 25 years as the Children’s Pastor in his local church, Gary is now Kids Around the World’s Global KIDStory Director.  He has a passion to encourage and equip children’s leaders in how to reach and disciple children, especially those in the “uttermost parts of the world.”  God has created universals, things that work with anyone anywhere, and KIDStory utilizes these in a way that makes learning the Bible fun, relational, reproducible and Spirit led.

Roland Moody

Special Liaison, Call2Business

Formerly served as a Divisional Vice President of Macy’s in Atlanta, GA. He also worked as Vice President Communications for The Haggai Institute. Roland has traveled the world to various countries in Europe and Asia developing products and working directly with manufacturers, distributors and also marketing products.

Dr. Mark Overstreet

Senior Advisor, Theology; Senior Associate, Pastoral Development

Mark preaches, teaches and writes with a passion for God's glory in missions, ministry, and leadership. From the seminary classroom to mud huts in tribal Africa, he serves the Lord wherever He calls. He currently serves as Vice President at T4 Global, an organization that specializes in communication with oral cultures. In this role, he teaches pastors around the world in leadership development, church planting, discipleship, and evangelism. Mark and his wife, Tiffanie live in Rockwell, TX.