We would welcome your involvement. Some of the ways you can engage with us:

  • Pray!¬† The International Orality Network has a very active and vibrant prayer team.¬† Seeking God's direction and heart is core to the purpose and direction of this network.

    You can join this team by contacting Linda Bemis

    [email protected]

  • Be an advocate. ¬†Be vocal in your local church, business, or ministry to educate them on the needs of oral learners and the trends in our society.

  • Get involved in the Network. ¬†Ask questions in our community, post your learnings and experiences, volunteer to be part of a task force. ¬†Click on "Community" tab.

  • Donate. ¬†As a network, we are here to serve the ministries involved in reaching oral learners. ¬†Should God lead to you give in order for this service to the Body of Christ to continue, please click here for more information.